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TODO and plans for future

In the long term I see Romdigger could become something like libcddb library for games - for all games, not only for old consoles, but also modern ones. This might mean adding new game-db backends - probably for online databases. Other types of game-related applications could be built apon it - other game catalogs, add similar plugins to nautilus in gnome, some kind of game launchers etc.

In the short-term:

  • Support for ZX Spectrum platform from GameBase project
  • Support for other platforms from No-Inro and OfflineList projects (like Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo 64)
  • Support for M.A.M.E. platform
  • Make preview images downloadable on-demand. Preview image archives became rather large in size - for example 120 Mb for SNES platform. It could be a good option to make preview images to be downloadable on-demand - like OfflineList program does. In offline list database any preview image can be accessed online by the corresponding address. Romdigger could also use this address to get preview image when the user first enters the directory with roms - after first download, those images could be taken from local cache