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The source code for the romdigger project is available on sourceforge download page.

Romdigger also requires SQLite and libConfuse, but it does not check their presence during automated pre-build process (romdigger is built using cmake), so it will not show any error messages during configure, but still will not compile if something would be missing on target system - please note that when building from sources; this would be fixed in the future releases.

For complete build instructons please refer to the Building Romdigger page.


There are binaries for OpenSUSE 11/10.3 available from opensuse build service.

For Opensuse 11.0 use repository home:benderamp:KDE4/openSUSE_11.0

For Opensuse 10.3 there are 2 repositories it can be installed from - home:benderamp/openSUSE_10.3 for standard OpenSUSE installation, and home:benderamp:KDE4/openSUSE_10.3 for those, who uses OpenSUSE KDE4 unstable builds (needed only for romdigger kde4 integration).

The core package is "romdigger" - it will provide no info without rom database packages - currently available are "romdigger-nointro" (rom lists from No-Inro project), "romdigger-offlinelist-db" (rom lists from OfflineList project - no privew images) and "romdigger-data-offlinelist-icons-[PLATFORM]" (game preview icon pack for [PLATFORM] platform taken from OfflineList project). There is also "romdigger-data-default" package, but it contains info only about 2 games - Zen Intergalactic Ninja and Dynablaster - currently it is provided only for test purposes, but later probably it will grow with info about my other favourite games and it would provide more info about them - like publisher, year and short game description.

"romdigger-kde3" provides Romdigger KDE3 integration, "romdigger-kde4" provides Romdigger KDE4 integration - install any one of them or both.

License notes:

For "romdigger-nointro" package - from No-Inro project home page: No-Intro World Headquarters - united datters saving history for eternity - iNDEPENDENT since 2oo3 All information on this site was relayed from public sources and can be re-used without permission from No-Intro staff on the condition that this site is labelled as the source. We have no intent to break copyright laws, we're not planning on making any profit from this project.

For "romdigger-offlinelist-db" and "romdigger-data-offlinelist-icons-[PLATFORM]" packages: Copyright (C) 2003-2006 - Replouf66. Icons created by Diukoai.