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About Romdigger

For quick and best understanding on what Romdigger does, check out the below screenshots:

thumbs/romdigger_misc_platforms_icons_kde3.png.jpg thumbs/romdigger_misc_platforms_icons_kde4.png.jpg thumbs/romdigger_misc_platforms_list.png.jpg

or read more details below:

Romdigger can become interesting for those, who still plays games from old game consoles (like Nintendo Entertainment System) on emulator and store rom-files of favorite games on hard disk.

After setting up this library, if one opens catalog with rom-files in konqueror/dolphin, the result would look much like on the below screens - for each rom file shown a icon with preview of the corresponding game - as if this rom file is usual png or jpg picture.

Besides preview picture, rom files would have meta-info (like actual game name, publisher, platform etc) available.

Romdigger consists of the core kde-independent library which is called romdigger, and also 2 frontends of choice - for KDE3 and KDE4.

Note: Currently only games for GBA (Game Boy Advance), NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis platforms are supported

Major features:

  • Support for rom info database from No-Inro project
  • Support for rom info database (both game info and preview images) from OfflineList project
  • Frontend for KDE3: konqueror file manager - rom file preview thumbnails and kfile plugin (see romdigger-kde3 package)
  • Frontend for KDE4: preview thumbnails in dolphin file manager and strigi file analizer plugin (to index and search rom files by metainfo)
  • Romdigger library: clean and simple public API for frontend creation; modular and extensible inner design to simplify adding support for other game databases for numerous platforms

the site is under development - more info on how to tweak romdigger with its configuration file or how to develop a front-end for it would be provided later when I will have time for that

Links and thanks

Thank's to the No-Inro and the OfflineList projects for dat files with complete lists of game rom files with their md5/sha/crc checksums - without them romdigger library would be useless. And also to the Emu-Land.net forum community for providing info and links to the above two projects.


If you have any bugreports/questions/suggestions, please post them to the forum.